Wedding Plnning

Set a Budget

Determine how much you can spend and allocate funds to different aspects of the wedding.

Create a Timeline

Set a date for the wedding and create a timeline for tasks leading up to the big day.


Choose a Venue

Select a venue that suits your style and budget. Consider factors such as capacity, location, and ambiance.


Draft a Guest List

Decide on the number of guests you want to invite and create a guest list accordingly.


Hire Vendors

Research and hire vendors such as caterers, photographers, florists, and musicians. Read reviews, ask for recommendations, and compare prices.


Select Attire

Choose your wedding attire and that of the wedding party. Schedule fittings and alterations in advance.


Plan the Ceremony and Reception

Decide on the order of events for the ceremony and plan the reception activities, including seating arrangements and entertainment.


Design Décor and Theme

Select a color scheme and theme that reflect your vision for the wedding. Consider flowers, lighting, and other decorative elements.


Send Invitations

Send out invitations well in advance, allowing guests to RSVP within a specific timeframe.


Plan the Menu

Work with the caterer to design a menu that suits your preferences and dietary needs of your guests.

Arrange Transportation

Plan transportation for the wedding party and guests, if necessary.


Organize Accommodations

If guests are traveling from out of town, arrange accommodations for them.


Create a Registry

Set up a wedding registry to help guests choose gifts you’ll appreciate.


Organize Rehearsal Dinner

Plan a rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding to rehearse the ceremony and relax with close friends and family.

Prepare for the Honeymoon

Plan and book your honeymoon in advance to ensure a stress-free trip after the wedding.

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